Delhi: Pm Modi takes 2nd dose of covid-19 at AIIMS

Narendra Modi

NEW DELHI: On Thursday (April 8) Pm Narendra Modi has taken the second dose of the covid-19 vaccine at AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical sciences) in New Delhi. Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India was taken covid-19 first vaccine Covaxin on 1st March.

On Thursday (April 8) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shared his experience about 2nd dose of covid-19 vaccine on his social media account.

The two nurses who had provided covid-19 vaccine to Prime Minister Modi are – Nisha Sharma from Punjab and P Niveda from Pondicherry. Niveda was also present at the 1st Dose of covid-19 vaccine while giving to Pm on March 1.

After regulating the latter part, Sister Niveda said that she has one more opportunity to meet the PM and she can negotiate with the PM.

Sister Nisha, who had an interesting meeting with the Prime Minister today, said it was a remarkable second for her.

On Wednesday, India entered the third period of the Vaccination Crusade for all persons over 45 years of age. India started a vaccination crusade against Kovid on 16 January, requiring goodness and border activists in the primary phase.

At a later stage, the vaccination crusade was opened to all senior residents (over 60 years) and those 45 years or more.

Then, with an end goal to make vaccination more available, the public authority has allowed Kovid to be vaccinated in the work environment from 11 April.

On Thursday, the Union Health Minister said that India has distributed more than 9 million Kovid-19 antibody doses to the country and positioned it as the fastest immunized country on the planet, with a normal day of 30,93, 86,000 days of immunity. Has gone

With 30,93,861 normal days of vaccination, India overtook the United States, giving a normal vaccination of 30.93 lakh persons a day. The US began its vaccination crusade on December 21, 2020, a month before India.

As indicated by the Ministry of Health, 1,15,736 new Kovid-19 cases in India were audited from early Wednesday, the largest single day since the start a year ago. Currently there are 843,473 dynamic cases in the country.

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