Privacy Policy

INDIANHEADLINE Have Some Of Its Privacy Policy. This Policy Regarding Use, Transfer, Collection And Disclosure Of “Your” / “Users” Data By Gks Advertising Media. INDIANHEADLINE  Don’t Share User’s Information To Third Parties. Users Data Are Utilised For There Better Enhancement And Efficiency. A Vital An Integral Part Of The Arrangement Is Framed And Will Be Perused With The Terms Of Utilization.

The organization claims to change this security strategy in some way, now and again, entirely at its discretion, without warning you. The company will not be obliged to educate you about the execution of any modification of the privacy policy. To keep up with the details of this Privacy Policy, you are checking the Privacy Policy intermittently. By accessing Indianheadline Services or Platform users agrees to Collect and utilise [ “Users” / “Your” ] information for making better user experience.

1) INDIANHEADLINE always respect “User’s” / “Your” Privacy. 2) Always Try to protect users information. 3) And always provide time to time update regards your account. a) INDIANHEADLINE collects information which are shared by the users b) collection of information by other sources Eg; Comments, Registration, Subscription, etc.

1. Information Collected & Stored By Company

A) Information Which are automatically Collected


To Make better user experience we utilise some of the cookies creation tools. Which collects “users” /  “your” information for your better convenience. Except that if you intentionally isolate yourself (for example through anonymity), we will have no chance of knowing what your identity is, even if we provide a treatment to your PC. The only personal data that may include a treatment is the data you provide. In the same way our sponsors can determine their own behavior on your event (there is a closed chance that you click on their advertisements), a cycle that we do not control.

Users Log File

Our Company also, collect users limited information regarding users phone number, users Internet Connection with users ip address, whenever “you” / “Users” visit our news portal platform. Users ip address helps us to manage users particular interest on pages viewed. Ip address is number attached to internet with your computer. Users Log File informations received by us automatically from your internet browser includes “your”/”users” Computer name, operating system and Internet Service Provider. Etc.

Other Sources

Information tracked from other sources, such as by “your” / “Users” Comments, Registration or through subscription. We uses users data to provide or to share news and latest articles on Indian Headline. With this information users are agreed to receive e-mails and updates as well.

B) Information Which are shared by users


Whenever [ “user” / “you” / “your” ] Comments reaches us on particular interest, your information regarding your interest and experiences recorded and saved by our system. We utilise this information for resolving users problems or error faced by all.


Whenever, [ “user” / “you” ] subscribe to INDIANHEADLINE. You agreed to receive information regarding latest current affairs and trending searches. All important informations regarding serving you a better user experience are automatically Collected and stored and admitted to protect it from third parties.


During registration in our platform for availing our services [ “user” / “you” / “your” ] information like your name, date of birth, phone number, e-mail address and your experiences are recorded for better user experience.